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A Statement from Dr. Quaye

Welcome to Magnolia Health Care. I have created the Wellness Center and this website so that I may use them as tools to improve my service to you, my patients. For as long as I have lived in Hartsville, I have been looking for ways to promote and achieve "true healthiness" in my patients. By true healthiness, I mean health as a positive vitality, not just the absence of disease. My search eventually led me to functional medicine.

Functional medicine is a new way (to me) of evaluating and managing chronic disease. It is individualized medicine that places a premium on antecedents and triggers for disease, with a focus on you (patient centered).

Over the last year, I have been applying the principles of functional medicine management in my practice. In the practice of functional medicine, I make use of special tools, including functional laboratory testing, to evaluate chronic disease. I also use diet, nutritional supplements, and stress management to treat chronic illnesses. The use of these forms of treatment is intended to supplement my "regular" practice and the use of FDA approved pharmaceutical drugs in managing chronic illnesses.

A few of you have found difficulty obtaining foods and certain supplements I have recommended. For this reason, I am making supplements available to you through "The Wellness Center" at Magnolia Health Care. The Wellness Center is one of the tools available to me to help you achieve good health. To find out more about The Wellness Center, enter our site.

Educating my patients is very important to me. Often, the limited amount of time I have to spend with patients during regular office visits means that I cannot adequately give all the information I would like to give about your health and my treatment recommendations. For this reason, I have created a seminar series that focuses on you, about the functional models of treatment. The monthly seminar series is currently focused on "Food as Medicine." For information place, dates, and to sign up, please see our FOOD AS MEDICINE page.

I hope you enjoy visiting our site.


To your good health,


Emmanuel Quaye, MD